Edward Funderburke

Edward Funderburke is an 18 year old African-American male who currently lives in the Pflugerville-Round Rock area, a suburb of Austin. Edward is a member of the prestigious group chat D E M B O Y Z, and earned the nickname Only Black Guy, for being the only black guy in the chat.


Edward Funderburke attended Caldwell Elementary alongside Tony Ho, Willie Scott, Michael Thai, and Bryan Lee. He later went to Park Crest Middle School. He went to 2 high schools (Hendrickson and Cedar Ridge) because he had to move. Edward plans to attened Stephen F. Austin to study music and hopes to one day star in a Broadway musical. Edward was in marching band all 4 years of High School, playing Clarinet and Bass Clarinet. He won homecoming King at Cedar Ridge, despite him being new to the school.


Edward has a very cheerful ,optimistic, and friendly personality, as he gains high respect among his peers and friends. He also has a bit of a sass element but it does not overrun his friendliness. He won homecoming King at Cedar Ridge and was friends with pretty much everyone in marching band. He is also passionate about music and is talented in a variety of fields, leading to his major selection being music as well as studying Drama. Overall, his personality grants him respect and friends as he is overall a great guy.

D E M B O Y Z affiliation

Edward is part of the world-famous and prestigious D E M B O Y Z group chat. He is known to encourage others to do their best and to wish them good luck. He also does question various things and often types "XD" in chat. He was originally in the fantasy football league of the chat, but failed to memorize his password TWICE, thus banning him from the league. His presence in the chat helped him keep in touch with the other members, despite going to different schools.

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